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Puncture Proof Tyre Sealant

Approved Worldwide by European Transport bodies for all pneumatic tyres

We are looking for distributors and franchise  in Asia, Europe, USA, Middle East, Austrailia and all other countries.

Roadsafe Tyre Sealant is a unique puncture proof repair system designed to stop and seal punctures in all tyres permanently as they occur. Product is Eco-Friendly.

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99% of puncture tyresealants will fail and cause an imbalance within 2 years
Ours is the 1% that does not !
Puncture Proof Tyre Sealant
Tyre armour for military vehicles
Tyre armour for commericial vehicles




Road Safe Tyre Sealant

Roadsafe Tyre Sealant tyre sealant is the first of its kind. It is a puncture sealant product that can be applied to any tyre and can be easily installed by anyone – helping you prevent tyre punctures on cars, motorcycles and any other vehicles.


Roadsafe Tyre Sealant is manufactured in Europe to the highest quality control standards, with full marketing support for our suppliers 24/7 for Technical data and Instillation techniques. Product 100% effecient and reliable.


Roadsafe Tyre Sealant uses a unique non-spill application system and is a permanent tyre puncture repair. Roadsafe Puncture try sealant comes in 20 litres drums, 1 litre bottles and 500 ml aeresol can.


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We are now seeking agents and distributors for Roadsafe Tyre Sealant tyre puncture sealant on global basis.

Roadsafe Product Information

1 Litre Bottle

1 Litre Bottle

1 Litre Bottle : For bikes, quads and emergency repair

Puncture Repair Kit

Puncture Prepair Kit:

For roadside emergencies. product comes with compressor. Self Install

Emergency Puncture Repair Kit

Emergency Puncture Repair Kit

Includes Compressor. Sealant installed thru refillable black container.

20 Litre Drum

20 Litre Drum

for all vehicles i.e. Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, industrial machinery etc.

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