About Roadsafe Tyre Sealant – Car Tyre Sealant

Roadsafe Tyre Sealant is a unique puncture sealant repair system designed to stop and seal punctures permanently as they occur, and in most other cases repair a flat tire or a slow leak. Roadsafe Tyre Sealant car tire sealant has now been regarded as a huge development in road safety.

Stop Car and Motorcycle Tyre Punctures

Roadsafe Tyre Sealant tyre puncture sealant can be used in all domestic,commercial car and motorcycle tyres throughout the world. Roadsafe Tyre Sealant is now seeking Agents and Distributors on a world basis.

What It Does

  • Stops tyre punctures
  • Repairs and seals tyre punctures
  • Maintains tyre pressure
  • Extends tyre life by 25%
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Non toxic and non hazardous