Questions & Answers about Roadsafe Tyre Sealant

  1. Will the wheels of my car be out of balance after I apply Roadsafe Tyre Sealant tyre sealant?
    A. No, provided you follow instructions on label and balance the tires beforehand
  2. How do I know how much to put in?
    A. Use calculation method on label, and if you’re not sure, e-mail Roadsafe Tyre Sealant
  3. Will Roadsafe Tyre Sealant work in extreme hot or cold conditions?
    A. Yes. Roadsafe Tyre Sealant will perform at high and low temperatures; because of it being thixotropic it is sluggish at low temperatures, and quite viscous at high temperatures.
  4. What is average amount of Roadsafe Tyre Sealant tyre sealant for a car?
    A. 1.5 litres for all four tires
  5. What are treatment times for Vehicles?
  • Car 15 minutes
  • Quad 10 minutes
  • Motorbike 5 minutes
  1. What amounts does Roadsafe Tyre Sealant come in?
    Roadsafe Tyre Sealant comes in 500mls, 1 litre, 2.5 litre, and 4 litre plastic containers. Simply read label and then remove valve core, with valve remover (which is supplied) and then inject the product and reinflate tire to correct pressure.